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Not withstanding the fabulous Conspiracy theory of Ammaodi, the only TV channel that covers various subjects and instills a bit of intellectuality in the telugu masses is still ETV and ETV2 – Rest all,  capitalise on sensationalism alone.

Similar is the case with Swati or Jyothi , it covers various issues; This is not running because of the cover page or the ఈ వారం సరసమైన కథ and the artwork of జె… alone!; Even the future of these magazines , I doubt, is in danger.
( In fact, I wish to add another dimemsion to the Conspiracy theory  😉 ; TV9 was initially funded by ilabs group, through one of its VC companies. ilabs is owned by one of the rajus – brothers of “Satyam” Ramalinga Raju! I also have a story to say that Ramoji was the Swiss bank for Ramalinga Raju! And if there is a CIA funding to Ramoji – it is funding TV9 as well! This fits very well into the “Munna”  movie storyline  and gives more strength to the whole Conspiracy story! I love to see this entire thing as a three part movie! (Ram Gopal Varma is making a two part movie on Paritala Ravi. :))  )

Coming to your TV programs, I don’t hate them; I don’t have to hate them – its just part of me and my culture. But what i hate is that there is no single Indian (forget Telugu) channel in the lines of Discovery and Animal Planet,  leaving out few dubbing programs of these channels. Even if i have to live with the copy cat business models of TV channels, May I ask which Hindi or English Indian Channel is into the kind of programming that Discovery offers!!! This is where the imbalance starts……..(Mahesh, are you listening!?)

These programs are surely started to create a talent pool for the entertainment industry . That is the essential intellectual background for these programs. But which channel can fund / finance or at least reimburse a scientific documentary today in India?. If Govt. funds any serious project, it goes into the Hindutwa rhetoric. In the absence of such kind of funding, how can one expect to instill scientific temparment in the indian masses! – This is Oppression! who is doing it!? Needless to say – it is always the upper class and the rich with access to english; Not the upper castes as it is always played in the rhetoric. But by giving english to all, should we kill our diverse culture? – This was the question that i was trying to answer through my three posts; Its my belief that the diversity should not be killed – we should still live with the ideal of  “Unity in Diversity”

There is still some chance for misunderstanding in my statements and thus i offer one more para; Somebody has stated in the comments above that it is we indians who give more importance to “this” kind of programming; I beg to differ; And here too, there is a logical fallacy; There is an equally large section of indians who wish to pursue intellectual programs for “entertainment” ; However, this section would follow the content generated in english for satisfying its urge; Hence, it is perceived that the Indian masses love only “this” kind of programming. Because, one wishes to count himself/herself away from the Indian masses as an evolved person! But when you feel nostalgic about your past, you come back and see these programs. And also judge that we have been a rotten mass since time immomorial.

This is why i say, do not copy. “Think! Innovate! Find Solutions. And if they fail, its no harm! You are sure to succeed as a whole! “; We are a country of youth ; If we are not going to innovate, perhaps the progress of mankind will be lagging behind, by a century (that’s an overstament i know 🙂 )

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One Comment పై “TV Programs”

  1. rayraj Says:

    హూ కేర్స్ ఇఫ్ దిస్ ఇంగ్లిష్ ఈజ్ గుడ్ ఆర్ బాడ్? వెదర్ ది కాపిటల్స్ ఆర్ నొ కాపిటల్స్ ఈజ్ రైట్ ఆర్ రాంగ్!వెదర్ ఇట్స్ స్పెల్ చెక్డ్ ఆర్ నాట్….ఐ పోస్ట్ హియర్ మై ఒరిజినల్ టైప్డ్ థాట్ యాజ్ ఇట్ వజ్! ఒకవేళ నేను తెలుగువాడిగా లెక్కింపబడకపోతే, ఏదీ నా ఇల్లు!? నే నెక్కడ పుట్టాను – అదేదో పాటలో చెప్పినట్టు “వెనక్కి తిరిగి వెళ్ళే మార్గం లేదు – ఇంటికి దారులు మూసుకుపోయాయి. దారిలో బ్రిడ్జిలు కూలిపోయాయి.”

    ఒక్క విషయం చెప్పగలను – ఏదేమైనా ఓ శ్రీశ్రీ లా నేను ఇప్పుడు భాషా కోవిదుడున్నవ్వాలంటే కష్టమే! నేను ఆ ఐడియల్ అందుకోలేక పోవచ్చు.అందుకే నా టార్చ్ ఎవరన్నా తీసుకోవాలని “అర్ధిస్తున్నాను” – ఇంకా అసలు చెబ్తున్నది అర్ధం చేసుకున్నట్లు లేదు 😦


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